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Real name: 
Marta Sanchez Sevilla
Known aliases:
Place and country of origin: 
Born in Albacete, Spain

Since very early it was clear what direction her life would take as she left her nose inside her mother. This apparently meaningless incident changed her life before it even started.

As she grew up she learned to make noses in Valencia where she obtained a Masters in Fine Arts. The now nosy young woman spent a while making masks for the theatre group 'Visitans', thereby slowly but surely sticking her nose further and further into show biz.

Show biz smelled so nice that she formed the theatre group 'Las Rebajas' with Pepa Astillero and Aten Soría. With them she livened up the the Expo 92 in Seville.

After that experience they felt so exhilarated that they created the clown show ¡Ay Madre Mía! directed by Eric de Bont. This was in 1994.

From then onwards she felt that she had finally found the right nose, and sticking it into everything interesting began her lonesome road towards creating the character 'Marta Carbayo - Cantaclown', an international clown whose character has been under constant evolution helped by great masters like Claudia Pellegrini, Kevin Brooking, Nola Rae, Alain Gautre and Angela de Castro.

With this character she has travelled the world handing out smiles and laughs. She has participated in festivals in England, Denmark, Andorra, France and Spain. Currently she is based in Copenhagen, Denmark going wherever her nose leads her.

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